Staci Cooks words of wisdom for everyday life

Theres something special within us making us all who we are. This something is our seed of potential the gifts, talents and abilities that will serve as the nucleus of our success. No two seeds will reap the same fruit or have the same set of conditions prior to blooming.

In choosing success, we must first submit our efforts to the process that will best develop our potential. Much like a seed, before were developed, we are nothing more than containments of potential. You cant determine a seeds potential by merely observing its surface.

Potential doesnt have to be outwardly obvious for it to exist. Seeing a persons success doesnt always reveal all that success takes. Its hard to imagine Michael Jordan struggling to make a shot or Oprah Winfrey being nervous in front of a large audience. The truth is, all greatness is cultivated in the same way.

Greatness is reliant on our development. Every success story comes standard with a set of conditions, a process responsible for the greatness we see today. For a seed hoping to become a tree, the conditions are good soil, plenty of water and sunlight. For those of us also hoping to be great when we grow up, the conditions might involve believing, working hard and never giving up.

Imagine being notified theres a million-dollar check in your name that is yours to keep under one condition: transport yourself from where you are to where the check is. The distance could range from one mile to thousands of miles away. No matter how long it takes, the check is yours.

I can hear people now, claiming they would find a way to get their check. And most people really mean it. Many of us will work hard so long as our reward is promised. We will pass every test and meet every condition.

What if I told you this column was as just as good as a million-dollar notification and that under some set of conditions there is something great in store for you? Would you believe me?

Believe it or not, its true. Your success is guaranteed if you are willing to undergo the process. Success is defined as what happens when people fully develop their natural gifts, talents and abilities. An unwillingness to be grounded is all that can prevent a seed of potential from reaching success.

In addition to developing our potential, we must develop our faith as well. A fervent belief in a process is one of the primary undercurrents of success. We must believe with everything in us that given our necessary conditions are met, reaching our goals are guaranteed.

To believe is to trust. Trust in the divine plan for your life. Believing in the divine is like having the ultimate GPS gift of prosperity and success. So then location of success matters not, whether success for you is a dollar amount or an amazing experience. Your ultimate GPS will be there to guide you every step of the way.