International students take advantage of US opportunities

Many students are reportedly leaving their home country and migrating to the United States for a better education. But is the education really better?

Fernando Cavalcante, a senior agronomy student from Brazil, said the structural difference in classes is an element that sets America apart from the education in his country.

I have noticed that the U.S. education system is more professional than in Brazil, Cavalcante said. The different formats the professors use in the U.S. makes the work more technical, whereas in Brazil there is not a certain format professors use.

For Rudy Brooks, a senior architecture student from St. Martin, the education system in St. Martin is better than in the U.S.

The education is free and the information is more in-depth, Brooks said. Even though the highest college level in St. Martin is community college, I am a little more advanced. Some students have trouble with certain subjects, but I am fairly diverse and familiar with all subjects taught in the U.S.

Though some international students are familiar with the U.S. curriculum, others must still adjust to the changes and diversity America offers.

Omotola Dosunmu, a graduate psychology student from Nigeria, said he is still adjusting to the different teaching styles and enjoying the atmosphere on campus.

I left my home country for the first time in 2011, Dosunmu said. The U.S. education system is a huge difference from the education system in Nigeria. I adapted quickly to the teaching methods, and I am glad to be here enjoying the diversity and cultural mix that FAMU offers.

Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience and doing so presents many opportunities. It proves to be beneficial for those who take advantage.

According to Karen Mitchell, Florida A&Ms education abroad coordinator, international students who adapted to the U.S. system and students who left the U.S. to study in other countries are more marketable in the workplace.

Students who study abroad generally have a better worldwide view, which increases their marketability in the business world, Mitchell said.