Students use coupons to save money

Bargain sales catch the eyes of many, but some may question if couponing is really worth it.

Couponers are individuals who collect coupons and use them to buy goods such as food, personal products and household items for extremely low prices or for free.

ShaRon Shaw, a senior occupational therapy student from Lakeland, started couponing after she saw the television show Extreme Couponing on TLC.

I thought it was a decent way to save in areas I usually spend the most, Shaw said. Since Ive been using coupons, I have saved money on things like eating out, trips to the grocery store and even car maintenance. I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

According to an excerpt from, a website that offers to teach couponing and help consumers save money, Couponing is more popular and more necessary, for many families than ever.

Lillian Hover, a retired human service worker from Atlanta, finds couponing to be beneficial for her and her family.

Couponing is something I do in my spare time, Hover said. I found it quite interesting how you can save hundreds of dollars from collecting coupons. Since Ive been collecting for about a year now, Ive saved about $300 on personal items and food.

College students usually collect coupons they stumble upon during the day. They may find them in the newspaper, on bulletin boards or receive them via email from stores they are subscribed to.

But some students, such as Jamel David, a fourth-year political science student from Quincy, feel that couponing is not worth the effort.

Personally, I dont practice couponing because it takes too much time collecting, David said. It also doesn’t allow me much of a choice in the products I purchase. When it comes to couponing, that isn’t for me.