BOT approves $200,000, multi-year contract for Holmes


Florida A&M’s board of trustees held a full body meeting at 8:30 a.m. in the Grand Ballroom on Thursday.

Topics of discussion varied from anti-hazing policies to the approval of a multi-year contract for new football coach Earl Holmes, who will earn a yearly salary of $200,000.

“It is truly an honor to become FAMU’s head football coach,” said Holmes, as he expressed his appreciation to the board of trustees.

Holmes also commended the other football coaches on their job with recruiting. He and assistant coaches have been able to sign 22 out of the 23 athletes they have pursued.

Following Holmes, Student Government Association President Marissa West gave a brief update on the student government affairs.

According to West, SGA will be partnering in a community service project with Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College on Wednesday. Verbal commitments have also been made from potential donors for a total of $5,000 and will be used for student scholarships.

SGA has also been actively participating with the Student Technology Fee Committee to achieve wireless connectivity campus-wide.

“I would like to take this time to commend trustee West and students in their participation in different university activities and serving on varied university committees,” said Interim President Larry Robinson.The decrease in enrollment was also discussed in Thursday’s meeting. According to William Hudson, Jr., vice president of Student Affairs, the university has admitted 877 FTIC students compared to 907 from the previous year. Eighteen Florida Community College transfers were admitted to FAMU this year compared to 22 from the previous year. Florida A&M admitted a total of 167 students to date this year compared to the 639 last year this time.

Hudson also presented a proposal to increase the monthly fee at the New Beginnings Child Development Center. The request is a $25 fee increase for FAMU students and a $50 fee increase for those not currently enrolled at FAMU.