Cherishing a moment: A look back at the Inauguration


I was overjoyed to witness President Barack Obama being sworn into office for his second term. I was anxious as I walked to the Capitol, although I did not realize how far it was. But I wanted to be part of a moment that may not come again in my lifetime.

Once my friend and I reached the Capitol, two women approached me and asked if I was with someone. I quickly responded, and she said she had two tickets to give away.

Right then I felt like a little girl winning the golden ticket to visit the chocolate factory. We were given the tickets and quickly began walking to Union Square from Louisiana Avenue – another long walk. However, I was too excited to notice. 

We walked through crowds of people and security checkpoints before finally making it to our destination. As the ceremony began, I listened and watched people chant “Obama” and wave red, white, and blue flags. The Capitol grounds were filled with enthusiastic supporters.

After Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took their oaths, the president gave his second inaugural speech. His remarks gave insight on his vision for the American people, noting three key factors: gun control, immigration reform and climate change.

These topics are talked about among the American people more than ever. With tragedies such as the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Colorado movie theater, Obama made it clear that our journey is not complete until our children “know they are cared for and cherished and always safe from harm.”

And of immigrants who come to America seeking better lives, Obama said our journey is not complete “until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity.”

As I listened to this overcomer speak before thousands of people, I felt that a better America was on the rise. Never have I witnessed a speaker show great passion and dedication the way Obama did. I will forever cherish that moment.