New staff, new vision


It is with a humble spirit that I introduce myself as the editor-in-chief for the spring 2013 semester. The Famuan has and will always be an important part of my college career. I have grown as a student and as a journalist. When I found out I was chosen for the position, my heart dropped. I have been given the chance to lead a staff of students in producing a newspaper with such a rich history. I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to learn and create on an even greater scale.

What I did not know was that articles would be written about me and that people I thought believed in me would offer no words of encouragement or a simple “congratulations.”

How are you supposed to feel when people are waiting for you to fail?

In these few days as editor-in-chief, I have experienced criticism on different levels. But being asked why you are qualified to do what you love has to be the most hurtful. Everyone has the right to pursue his or her passion freely.

Although I have encountered these obstacles, I will not let it keep me from doing the job I was chosen to do. People will think and say as they choose whether you are perfect or not. That will never change. However, I am choosing to be me, and I am choosing to do my best not just this semester but always. This is my passion.

I understand that for some, journalism is only about getting the story or the “scoop.” But after you have done that, what was it all for? The people. How can we call ourselves journalists if we forget about the very reason why our jobs are important to the world? We report the news not for ourselves but for people.

This is a standard I plan to bring to The Famuan this semester. When people hear the saying, “The student voice of FAMU,” I want them to believe it. That is what we are. We have a history of excellence, and I want to keep it that way. I want to continue the legacy.

I hope students take this opportunity to become involved by contributing to The Famuan because your voices are important, too.

While our staff is excited about bridging the disconnect between the newspaper and the student body, we will not stray away from what our mission is as journalists. And that is to report the truth and to tell the good and the bad.

We look forward to what this semester has in store as we embark on this new journey.