Fit for life

As the spring semester progresses, many students New Years resolution to hit the gym more often has already been broken. But for Adam Badger, living a healthy lifestyle is not just a fad.

Badger is not your average Florida A&M student. In addition to balancing going to the gym regularly with studying for school, he juggles his expanding personal training business. The 20-year-old criminal justice student is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle and wants to inspire others to do the same.

Just seeing the effect I could have on others motivated me, Badger said.

After receiving compliments on his appearance and being asked for tips on how to get in shape, Badger said he was inspired to start his own business. He is able to relate to other students and understands their needs as it pertains to physical fitness and nutrition.

Philana Ransome, a senior psychology student from Tampa, is one of Badgers clients.

Ive known Adam since my sophomore year, and Ive always seen him in the gym, Ransome said. One day, I saw him training for a competition, and he told me he was going to start personal training. I just thought I might as well try it.

Though Badger trains some faculty and staff members, his clientele primarily comprises students. He trains his clients in the Hansel E. Tookes Sr. Student Recreation Center because the majority of his trainees are FAMU students.

The recreation centers hours of operation during the fall semester impacted Badgers training schedule. But this semester, he is able to train clients Monday through Saturday again.

Now that the rec center is back to its normal operation hours, I can pick back up with clients and train them three times a week, Badger said.

He has 13 trainees at FAMU and sends nutrition and workout plans to his clients in his hometown of New Orleans, where he expanded his business. He hopes to build a staff in the near future to carry on the training after he leaves the university. One way he plans to leave his clients with his services and expertise is through the upcoming release of his fitness mobile application.

I plan on releasing my own app very soon, Badger said. The great thing about running my graphics company is that we are able to make the app, and I dont have to try to find somebody else to do it.

Badger is also an entrepreneur. He is the vice president of a student-owned graphic design company, Green Media Designers. He, along with Troy Thompson, president of the company, offers services such as website designs, graphics, photography and social media services.

We met on the bus during my first semester, and we just started talking about our visions, Thompson said. Now we have five major clients, and Adam does a lot to try to maintain these clients with hopes of expanding the company in the future.

Badger plans to move to Los Angeles one day and further his career by branching into celebrity fitness training. He said he hopes to eventually launch a fitness apparel line and other fitness related products.

Ive been to Los Angeles a couple of times, and I think it would be the perfect place to start my career, Badger said. But I hope that I can leave a legacy at FAMU. One day, I want to come back and bring some new fitness programs to the school.

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