Female student leaders speak to campus women


Young women are running things on the Florida A&M campus. This year primarily women lead the Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board.

Female students occupy the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior class president positions and these women said it was time to have a real woman-to-woman conversation far beyond campus business.


The Campus Activities Board held a conversation for women at the Truth Hall dormitories Wednesday. CAB Vice Chair and Senior Class President Sasha Matthews led the discussion on love, life and leadership.


Matthews along with a panel of female campus leaders covered topics they believed were important in a young women’s life at the moment.


“It’s comforting to know that you aren’t alone in some of the issues we discussed,” said Anise Neita, a fourth-year pharmacy student. “Sometimes you think you have all the answers until you hear testimonies and advice from other women.”


The group spoke deeply about love, a major issue they all agreed plays a big role in life. The ladies exchanged thoughts on what makes a good relationship, the state of marriage in today’s society, realistic standards when choosing a mate and sex.  They also discussed the battle between focusing on school, dating and all of the positive and negative experiences that accompany committing to a relationship.


 “As women, it’s great that we have hope in our partners. We were designed to love beyond all length,” said FAMU Presidential Ambassador Kadeja Henry. “But at what point in time do you say I want to be more?”


Henry advised them to consider their futures.


“As much as you would like to get married, you have to look into the future because five years from now I don’t want to look into the mirror and not recognize who I am because of the person I chose to be with,” Henry said.


The panel also gave tips on leadership and shared their thoughts on what it is to be a good leader. Student Body President and Board of Trustee member Marissa West said leadership is an everyday learning experience.


“As the world changes, as campus changes, your leadership style will have to change too,” she said.


Henry ensured aspiring campus leaders that they could already be a leader.


“It’s not all about the position,” Sophomore Class President Beraiah Baker said. “It’s about leading without the title. If you have that common goal to bring your class together you’re going to do it regardless and you’re going to do your best. That’s a leader.”