‘I never walk away without a lesson’


Four years ago, I would have run the other way if anyone mentioned Florida A&M to me. I knew I was facing one of the top journalism programs in the country, but I still did not want to come here. Most of my family went to FAMU, and everyone expected me to do the same. I was determined to go against the grain.

Attending FAMU was the first mature decision I made in my life. I had my heart set on Spelman College, and Howard University was a close runner-up. I gave into FAMU for one reason: the highly ranked journalism program.

The process was kind of slow at first. Even though I was here, I really did not want to be here. For the longest time, I felt like I was living the dreams of others instead of my own. That idea lingered in the back of my mind and reflected in a lot of my actions. I was present, and I was active, but I was not really feeling it. I stayed to myself and ran home to Atlanta every chance I got.

Music was always a natural passion for me. I tried my best to hold on to it, but deep inside, my true passion was journalism. For the longest time, I kept that passion suppressed until I met professor Benjamin Davis.

Again, I was in a situation where I was fighting myself. Somehow, he knew that the first day I stepped foot inside of his classroom. I often tell people that Davis has been a blessing to my life. I never walk away from him without some sort of lesson.

He tells his students that he takes more from us than we could ever take from him, but he has truly given us so much in a short period of time. His passion and concern for his students exceeds all expectations. He is the only professor who has inspired me to be better. His stern demeanor and high expectations pushed me above the top.

I have had some amazing experiences and even more awful experiences here. But of all the experiences I have to take with me, this is the one I will always hold near to my heart and allow to be my driving force beyond the seven hills. I have overwhelming gratitude and consider myself very blessed.