Rattlers prepare for final exams


Students can be found preparing for exams, working on final projects and writing research papers as the end of the semester nears. 

While some believe in luck, others believe in faith when it comes to closing out the semester. 

Haley Arterberry, a third-year psychology student from Pinole, Calif., believes in prayer. 

“I keep my prayer box bracelet around during finals,” Arterberry said.

Breathing techniques and praying also help her during finals. Thaddeus Stegall, a fourth-year music education student from Atlanta, also believes in prayer.

“I do pray over my exams before and after,” Stegall said. 

In addition to prayer, some students believe in managing their time well and staying on track with coursework throughout the year. 

“The more on track I am, the less worry,” said Shaina Riggins, a third-year business administration student from Jacksonville. “I don’t use any lucky rabbit’s feet.”

Many students have their own ways of overcoming stress and preparing for nerve-wracking exams. Going through notes is common among college students, but it is not enough for Arterberry. She creates quizzes and reviews old tests in case some questions may be reused on the final.

“I also create scenarios to help me remember key terms,” Arterberry said.

For some, creating quizzes and going through notes does not help at all. For Stegall, that is not an easy task. Though he takes notes, he keeps them in his thoughts and may occasionally glance at them on paper.

“I’m not too good of a conventional student, so it is hard for me to sit down and just read or study,” Stegall said.

Riggins said her techniques involve writing to-do lists for assignments, projects and papers. She also believes in “blocking out time in advance to do things that need to be done.”

Many students are in organizations. Arterberry is the president of the Florida A&M Elite Dance Squad. She is responsible for more than 50 dancers and other eBoard members. Arterberry manages her time by making a set schedule for each day and completing homework when she has “in between” time.

“If there are homework assignments, I usually complete them on breaks or after practice,” Arterberry said.

However, she gets help from her fellow eBoard members when needed. If she cannot complete a task, a fellow member will help her out. 

“I have a lot of support from my eBoard,” she said. 

Stegall has his own design company called SELF Graphics. He works alone in the company, so he can work at his own pace. 

“I normally work hard until I get tired with breaks here and there,” Stegall said. “I do my work, but I enjoy life just like everyone else.”