Making yourself proud of your accomplishments


The end of the year can take its toll on college students. Finals are never fun to experience, and they often bring the usual rigmarole of final projects, last minute studying and fast-paced “housekeeping” in terms of grades.

Besides that, students can go through a lot of pains when the holidays near, especially when one has to worry about getting home and buying presents. There have been studies of the cooler weather during the winter months being a major hindrance on whatever enjoyment that person might get from Christmas break.

However, while the end of the year brings its fair share of stress, it is only because you have put in so much effort to get to that point, and you want to see that hard work pay off. Rest assured that it has.

Looking back at the accomplishments of this past year is one of the most satisfying things someone can do. They are a reminder of the raw power you can display once you have your mind on something.

Also, reminiscing on accomplishments acts as reassurance that a person can handle any event that the school year brings.

For much of The Famuan staff, many of our accomplishments lie in the seemingly simple production of a newspaper while maintaining a schedule. We are a small staff, but dedication to the paper has pushed us through.

That dedication really shined through during our coverage of the presidential election. On a late night heightened with tension as to who would win, we still managed to keep an even keel by making light of the situation.

The result was a newspaper issue we are proud t have published and a fun night worth remembering.

Even if you cannot think of any accomplishments to be proud of, which is honestly hard to believe, you should look at the accomplishments of others as inspiration.

A surprising source of that information was the film “Lincoln.” Watching the film, it is amazing how much of a struggle Abraham Lincoln endured during his time in office mirrors our own.

Lincoln and his associates had to hustle, strategize, deal, back deal, compromise and settle with their opponents in order to see their goals through.

If that sounds at all familiar, it is probably because you have had this experience several times. It says bounds that the same tactics you use daily were the same ones used by great leaders.

Feel proud that you have made it this far, and continue to work hard.