Stealing music becomes the new normal

Nathon Green, a graduate of Florida A&M from Saint Augustine, held two CDs in his hands trying to decide on which one to buy based on price.

In his hands were two albums, a compilation CD from Kanye Wests label G.O.O.D. Music and the latest release from Rick Ross.

Im wondering if its a waste of money to purchase this Kanye album because it leaked on Friday, Green said. But Im a real fan, and real fans buy albums, right?

With pirating albums being made easy for music lovers, many fans struggle between spending money on purchasing music and downloading it illegally.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, an organization that represents the recording industry distributors in the United States, pirating music can result in five years in prison and fines up to $250,000; however, that does not stop some fans from pirating music.

Royce Lovett, an independent artist from Tallahassee, says that because making music is his only source of income, it is hard to make ends meet.

It is making it extremely hard for independent artist to be financially stable, Lovett said. I do think it’s awesome how it’s forcing me to do more touring.

Not all fans are one-sided on buying or pirating music. Abigail Williams a theatre student from Miami, said, Depending on the artist I buy the album, because I support the arts; but if I like a song I might download that song., a website and graphics development company, posted an infographic with statistics on piracy. According to the website, 70 percent of online users find nothing wrong with pirating.

Thomas Mingo, a senior business administration student from Miami, said he would rather buy music in stores.

I want to support artists the same way I want people to support me, Mingo said.

TheInternational Federation of the Phonographic IndustrysDigital Music Report reports that, Digital piracys impact on music sales feeds through directly to reduced investments in artists. Based on their reports first album releases declined as well.

The IFIPI is a form of representation for the recording industry worldwide.

Green places the Rick Ross CD down at the register and pays with his debit card.

Im going to come back for the Kanye album. Morally it wont sit well with me if I didnt buy it, Green said.