SBI builds young professionals


Steele-Collins Charter Middle School students got a lesson outside of the classroom Tuesday. The children received a head start on preparing for the professional world from Florida A&M School of Business and Industries students at the Steele-Collins Empowerment Fair.

Graduating senior business administration student Michael Woodard, Jr., who coordinated the event, said there were several points SBI students covered with the students, but professional development was the most important.

“We have set up different boards throughout the gym dealing with personality, self- esteem, safe sex, and things like that,” Woodard said. “But most importantly, we have stations focusing on professionalism, interviewing tips and time management. We’re showing young men how to tie a tie and dress appropriately and proper business etiquette.”

Senior SBI student Jasmine Evans led a mini fashion show for the students. During the fun and entertaining show, Evans and the other SBI students tested the middle schoolers’ knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of dressing in professional attire .

“We’re really testing them to see if they know right from wrong, so when they are ready to step out into the real word they will make no mistakes,” said Troy Harris, a senior business administration student.

Steele-Collins Principal Tisa Jones said she appreciates what the SBI students have done for the children at Steele-Collins. It correlates with her mission as the new principal to incorporate more entrepreneurship in the school’s mission.

“It’s going to give the kids a look at all the opportunities out there,” Jones said. “I think they have given them something to think about as far as their future is concerned.”

Woodard said he is happy to give back to the community.

“We’re just trying to give back to the kids, get them ready for the workforce and help them succeed,” Woodward said.