Rihanna: bolder and better than ever

Rihanna continues her consistent spew of chart-toppers with the release of her LP Unapologetic.

The Barbadian, urban pop star delivers a deep and wild array of music samples, collaborations and her usual defiant attitude that makes this album a potential stocking stuffer.

Her seventh release in seven years, Rihannas album proves that her back-to-back releases do not lack quality as the 24-year-old Rih-loads her edge. She amplifies the meaning of controversy and provocativeness.

The album starts with a hard-hitting compilation of cockiness in Fresh out the Runway as she takes a direct hit at her doubters and haters with this club banger. She immediately sets the tone that she is not sorry for what she has done.

The first half of the album continues to generate buzz with Pour it Up, an obvious anthem for the ladies with lines such as strip clubs and dollar bills and I still got my money and all I see is signs / all I see is dollar signs. She proves that men are not the only ones who can ball out and boast about it.

She even samples Ginuwines Pony on Jump, taking the 1996 hit and weaving the sex-driven song into a more female dominant surge of ecstasy and doing it well for the most part.

This album is a beast, said Jacara Miller, a junior criminal justice student from Tallahassee. I love how she is so raw with emotion from beginning to end. This really is one of her strongest and most thought-provoking albums shes had.

One of her most emotional albums since Rated R in 2009, Unapologetic is the No. 1 album on iTunes, with her first single, Diamonds, standing at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

The Def Jam artist gets a bit more affectionate in What Now, Stay and a shockingly catchy ballad with rapper Future in Loveeeee Song as he pleas along to the sounds of a sultry guitar. Also collaborating with Mikky Ekkos, David Guetta and Eminem, Rihanna keeps fans on their toes with the different sounds and styles.

One of the most controversial collaborations on the album, however, is Nobodies Business with the pop stars ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The song not only proves the rumors that their feelings for each other are still very prevalent but also that the domestic abuse incident in 2009 will not keep them from each other. However this may make fans or non-fans feel this song reminds everyone to mind their own business.

I like them both as artists, and I like them as a couple, said Courtney Mitchell, a sophomore pre-pharmacy student from Destin. Its not our business what they are doing and how they are doing it. If theyre happy and theyre not hurting anyone, then who am I to judge?

On Love without Tragedy / Mother Mary, Rihanna transforms into a deeper, more somber vibe in this seven-minute personal ballad that transitions from one song to the next. Unfolding with every sound, Rihanna gives her fans something more confessional in this double track.

You think Rihanna had a lot to say on in her past six chart-topping albums? Dissect Unapologetic and you will find that it is a mouthful.