Museum offers fun for children over holiday break


The Mary Brogan Museum is giving parents and children something to look forward to this holiday season. While children are out of school on winter break, parents can enroll them in the holiday camp “All That”.

Registration for camp All That began Nov. 1 and is offered to four-year-olds all the way up to children in the eighth grade.

Camp “All That” allows participants to engage in art and science activities. The camp has been in operation since the museum opened in October of 1998. In that time it has run on Leon County students’ winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Manager of the program since 2003, Aimee Hills, said she’s looking forward to campers returning to explore the science exhibits and discovery experiences that will inspire them to learn more.

Hills said “Camp ‘All That’ was designed to create life-long interest in sciences through meaningful hands-on discovery experiences. 

“I expect the campers to enjoy their daily camp experiences and to go home wanting to learn more,” Hills said. “This will make the camp a success.”

Each day, campers will complete projects and experiments related to a theme. Groups are divided based their grade level so individuals can participate in age-appropriate activities. Parents are given daily newsletters reporting on the day’s activities.

“I used to visit the Brogan Museum all the time before it went under the renovation. It’s a very nice place for people of all ages so I know the children will have a blast during their break,” said Sloane Cantey, a fourth-year English student from Miami.

Cantey said she and her friends all share interest in art so they tend to visit the museum often.

Kayla Jones is a mother of two who takes her children to the Brogan Museum.

“They always enjoy themselves and ask me when they’re going back,” Jones said. “I’m actually thinking about registering them since I’ll be working for most of their break. I know they’re going to love it.”

Parents can look forward to their children participating in an educational camp over their winter break in a safe and secure environment. Professional teachers and experienced museum staff supervise the children. Each staff member and volunteer have all completed a background screening.

“All parents just need to do is get the campers to the museum and we’ll take care of the rest. From registration to pick up, parents will experience a well-run program and learn that we have the art of camp down to a science,” Hills added.

Hills said the children will have so much fun participating that they’ll hardly notice they’re learning.

The Brogan Museum is located at the corner of South Duval street and West Pensacola street in downtown Tallahassee. The museum features both national and international art exhibitions.

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