FAMU students place in FSU poetry contest


Poetic Lyricism hosted the 4th Annual Collegiate Poetry Slam, featuring performers from Florida A&M and Florida State University. The event was a unification of two events; the Indie Slot Slam Finals, and the Team Slam.

There were three rounds, five judges and 5 individual poets. After each performance, the judges held up score cards that ranged from one to ten. The top performers from each round advanced to the next, until the a winner was determined.

Performers from FAMU placed 1st and 3rd in the Indie Slot Slam and placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Team Slam.

“This is a big event,” said Andre Carbonell, a freshman psychology student at FAMU. “Although this is just the beginning, I know I have set the bar high for myself. I’m hungry to make an impact on campus!”

With over 600 people in attendance, the slam brought in poets, spectators, and musicians from across the city.

“I came out to support Poetic Lyricism,” said Kalan Capers, a second-year communications student at FSU. “I really love poetry because it gives me a chance to see the world through someone elses‘ perspective.”

The poets captivated a diverse group of people who ranged in age from 9 to 32 years old.

“I’ve never been to a poetry slam before,” said Jahbarri Meek, a student at Roland Park Elementary School in Tampa. “I like the fact that the poets talked about real life issues. I enjoyed it all!”

The final three teams were the A-Team, the Other Team and Team Estrogen. The final three indie poets were Andre Carbonell, Aurielle Lucier and Ephraim Riggins.

As the cold wind swept across the crowd, the anticipation for the finale rose and the audience waited patiently for the finalists to make their final performance of the evening. The teams took the stage and performed their final pieces, and after 15 minutes, the winners were announced.

Team Estrogen, which consisted of five women from FAMU took the championship belt. The A-Team, also from FAMU, captured 2nd place. The 3rd place victor was the Other team, also made up of FAMU students.

Andre Carbonell from FAMU was crowned the Indie Slot Slam champion, followed by Aurielle Lucier from Georgia. The final winner which placed third was Ephraim , also from FAMU.

“The slam  did exactly what it was supposed to do,” said Jenai Hicks, Vice President of Poetic Lyricism. “It showcased amazing, powerful poets who had something to say to the world.”