The Twinkie’s legacy


Twinkies have been America’s unofficial national comfort food for decades. They have gained an iconic status. Not only have they entered the cultural lexicon with the term “Twinkie defense,” but the urban legend about their shelf life has also become a largely debated topic.

In an odd subtle way, Twinkies encompass an idea that seems uniquely American: that a cheaply made,mass-distributed product can be seen as a cherished comfort – serving as more of an abstraction than food.

Which is what makes the news that Hostess Brands, Inc., is applying for bankruptcy that much harder.

You will either get a nonchalant response toward the news or someone declaring that the thin veneer of sanity that society shrouds itself in is crumbling down. But in all seriousness, it is hard to deny that a lot of people will be affected by the company’s shutdown.

For those on a budget, Twinkies have always been a viable option, and even a temporary loss will leave a lot of people disappointed. With Thanksgiving around the corner, there will surely be a number of people who had their hearts dead-set on making their annual deep-fried Twinkies.

And let’s not forget the workers themselves; approximately 18,500 people are now out of work because of the company’s closing.

It is important to remember that even things that seem inconsequential can make big impacts, and they need to be appreciated while they are available.