Parking availability aggravates students

Finding parking on campus is a challenge that Florida A&M student drivers experience regularly. It may be easy and convenient on some occasions, but for most students, it often becomes a hunt.

The sufficiency of the condition, location and spacing of various parking spots are a controversial concern.

“I don’t think there is enough parking for even half the students on campus,” said Jairus Moore, a junior agricultural biology student from Atlanta. “That’s unacceptable.”

Moore is not the only student who is dissatisfied with campus parking. Some students also say that parking conditions are inadequate.

“Parking sucks,” said Angelique Reed, a senior history education student from Jacksonville. “I don’t think the parking is adequately paved at many locations. You could get a flat tire.”

Reed also expressed the disadvantages of parking as a commuter.

“I think off-campus students get the short end of the stick,” she said. “We get the worst parking.”

Parking this semester is more of a problem because the third level of the parking garage has been closed. Samuel Houston, director of Facilities Planning and Construction, explained why the garage is closed.

“A walker service did an analysis on the parking garage before the level was closed off,” Houston said. “There is a master plan to build more garages, but we currently do not have the funds. Projects like that are now under auxiliary. We have to acquire the funding ourselves.”

Ideas for improving the parking on campus range from major construction to minor details. Moore and Houston both talked about the need for more than one parking garage.

“I think there should be another parking garage built over the gravel area by the band practice field,” Moore said.

Houston agrees with Moore.

“We have a need for projected parking garages on campus and that is because of the growing population among students and faculty.”

However, students should continue to be on the lookout for any dramatic changes and get to campus early for better parking results.