Get fit with Dieldra


Dieldra Clark’s Quick Tips:

Always stretch before beginning any exercise.

Drink at least eight cups of water per day.

Maintain a healthy eating habit for better results.

Eliminate drugs and alcohol. 

Take deep breaths and keep a relaxed mind.

Try not to eat big meals after 7 p.m. 



Picture 1

Jumping jacks for one minute engages the muscles in your body and increases blood and oxygen flow in the body.


Picture 2

A minute’s worth of standing mountain climbers strengthens the cardiovascular system as well as various muscle groups in the legs and arms.


Picture 3

Doing 15 tricept dips creates a more shapely arm muscle and stretches the calf and thigh muscles.


Picture 4

Doing 15 squats is great for beginners. This multi-joint exercise is great for targeting the glutes, hips and thigh muscles.


Picture 5

Doing 20 side lunges will stretch the calf and thigh muscles and give more flexibility in the knees.


Picture 6

Doing 15 lunges will strengthen the quadricep and hamstring muscles and create more shapely and toned legs and glutes.


Picture 7

Doing 20 bicycle motions help get rid of “love handles” and help tighten the ab and thigh muscles.


Picture 8

Doing two minutes of reverse crunches will loosen the joints, improve balance, coordination and circulation.