Chickens in the city


Many residents in Tallahassee are bringing the farm to the city by raising their own chickens at their own homes.

It has become increasingly popular as more people are trying to live off their land for food and in turn, help the environment. People with coops in their yard enjoy the convenience of getting fresh eggs every day.

Tallahassee resident, Haley Stewart has been raising chickens at her house for one and a half years. She said the benefits to having her own coop are numerous.

“There are probably different reasons for everybody who does it,” Stewart said. “Part of it is for sustainability. People want to be more in control of where their food is coming from and what they know is in it.”

Chickens do not need a large amount of room making small yards and neighborhoods ideal for the coops.

The coop should be moved around frequently so the chickens do not wear down one patch of grass too often. This also makes it possible for the chickens to hunt for their own bugs in new territory.

It is easy to find resources to help beginner owners. Materials are available at any hardware store and most feed stores will have everything needed for the coop in one spot.

Raising chickens in the city is a great way to get homegrown food. After all the costs of food and materials, it might not technically be cheaper than buying your own eggs at the grocery store, but it is owners say it is more beneficial to them and the environment.

Joe Walthall helps his sister raise chickens in town. He said it really is surprising how simple it is.

“It is actually pretty easy after you get the coop all set up. All you have to do is make sure they have fresh water and give them a little bit of food. They can do a lot of foraging on their own,” Walthall said.

Even people living in the city are able to have the joy of raising an animal and also eating fresh, organic eggs.