Models, moguls and Macy’s


Attending Florida A&M can put anyone in the arena to come across great opportunities. When asked if I wanted to style a fashion show sponsored by Macy’s and Russell Simmons, I almost died right there.  If this wasn’t broke and famous I don’t know what is.

 Simmons is an icon to my generation, a pioneer in hip-hop culture, fashion and business. I knew I had to be on my P’s and Q’s. I also found out I would be working as an assistant stylist under Michelle Lynch. 

The style team also included fellow students Markel Mazelin, Jasmine Mitchell, and Lamont Howard. As soon as we arrived at Macy’s we were put to work. Lynch already prepared the outfits for the scenes. But she allowed us the chance to recreate the outfits, using our opinions and ideas.

I felt like I was on Supermarket Sweep: the Project Runway Edition. But no matter how crazy the day got, I loved every minute of it.  Of course, the models showed up late and had to leave early, but Tallahassee was Hollywood for the day, and in Hollywood, this was to be expected.

We slaved for two days with Lynch. While talking to her about styling we found out that she was a celebrity stylist for stars such as Usher and Tracy Ellis Ross. She said she loved our eye and told us we were the best team she has worked with.

“I already have some ideas of using you guys again,” Lynch said.

The day of the fashion show we were told that we would have a private meet and greet with Simmons, but due to a snowstorm, that was scratched. So we waited until the last hand shake and baby photo opportunity. As Simmons walked off the stage we were like a pack a wolves. We pounced on the opportunity to speak with him. We literally stood in front of his Argyleculture display, his latest fashion venture, for 10 minutes talking about how we styled his clothes. His face lit up and he explained in depth even more about the importance of this brand.

By the end of the day, we were granted business cards from his team and dialogue that included “I’ll be waiting to receive your resumes.” Now if that’s not broke and famous I don’t know what is. Thanks Macy’s and FAMU.