Ministry encourages young women to succeed


Beautiful young faces, poetry, and the importance of success were all displayed last weekend at the Early Aged Girls Excited to Rise Ministries’ 3rd anniversary celebration at Walker Ford Community Center.

The nonprofit organization is built on the foundation of helping young girls travel in the right path by providing experience, education and exposure to real life issues. 

During the celebration E.A.G.E.R members between the ages of 5 and 18 years old presented their modeling, poetry and dance skills for their families and members of the South-side community.

Not only does the program incorporate performing arts, E.A.G.E.R. members are also required to adhere to a strict study regimen.  Since being members of the program, many girls have made the honor roll.

Nine-year-old Victorya Sorey’s face was filled with excitement as she skipped to the lectern to retrieve her first certificate of accomplishment for making the honor roll at Oak Ridge Elementary school.

Sorey’s father, Victor Sorey smiled ear-to-ear as his daughter walked back to her seat, certificate in hand.

“I am proud of my daughter,” he said. “I would recommend the E.A.G.E.R. program to anyone. Ms. Shannon really loves these girls. Since my daughter has been in this program she has gained more confidence and is performing better in school.”

Not only was his daughter honored, Sorey received the “Family of the Year” award for his dedication to the program.

Music, food and a powerful message-filled speech delivered by Minesha White were also a part of the evening’s festivities.

Founder of SoUnique Enrichment program for Girls, White is no stranger to influencing young women.

Her speech stressed the importance of succeeding and living an above average life. Challenging the girls to bring their dreams to fruition, White even incorporated a dream exercise.

“Everyone, close your eyes,” White said. “Dream about the things you want in life.”

She encouraged the young girls to know their worth and strive to be entrepreneurs who “write and cash big checks.”

White concluded her presentation by giving the girls blank novelty checks for the great amount of priceless. “You girls are priceless,” she said. “Always remember that!”

The Early Aged Girls Excited to Rise program was created by domestic violence survivor, Shannon Love-Ward.

 “After being shot in the face, I realized that I had to reach out into my community and help these young girls, said Love-Ward, 31. ” We have to break these cycles in our black households and that is what E.A.G.E.R. is all about.”

Love-Ward looks forward to the growth and expansion of E.A.G.E.R.

For more information about E.A.G.E.R Ministries, please contact Shannon Love-Ward at 850-631-2360.