Students celebrate victory


From the cheers to the dancing of some of the Democratic students on election night. One thing was for certain- many students left the Hansel E. Tookes Sr. Recreation Center with a smile on their face.

Close to 1,000 students packed the recreation center with dancing and live music. Students had on their “Just vote You” T-Shirts that were handed out at the comedy show other students were found with their Obama stickers worn on their outfits. 

 CNN announced at 11:40 p.m. that President Barack Obama is projected to be re-elected. Students were taking pictures of this historic day. Others held hands and cried with happiness as they joined their friends to capture the event.

Some students decided to vote early and avoid waiting in long lines on Election Day.

O’Shea Boyce, a senior psychology student from Deltona, Fla., recalls early voting on  Oct. 27.

“I did early voting that Saturday morning with my family,” Boyce said. “I was the first person to vote at my precinct in the Deltona, Fla.” 

Boyce explained how proud she felt arriving at the precinct at 6:15 a.m. and being the first person to vote in the Deltona community.

Many Florida A&M students were elated about this presidential election because this was an opportunity for them to voice their opinions.

Boyce explained that it’s important for students to vote because the president will have a big impact on their future. 

“A lot of us can’t afford college,” said Reginald Johnson, a junior criminal justice student from Jacksonville. “Finding jobs isn’t easy, and it is very important to pick the right president. This will determine our future and finding future jobs.”

This was Johnson’s first time voting for a presidential candidate and he said “the memory makes me feel like I am somebody in this country.”

“It’s important for FAMU students to vote because if you want to see change, you have to voice your opinion, “Johnson said. “We are the future for America.” 

Boyce said she could relate more to Obama. 

“He started from the bottom and had to struggle,” Boyce said. “He knows what it feels like to pay back student loans and fight to get to the top.”

On the other hand, Thomas McCain, a senior advertising student at Florida State University, said he was very disappointed.

“I actually thought Romney would win because I was born a Republican,” McCain said. “I thought Romney would really win Florida. I thought his views with foreign policies in China were more accurate than what Obama promised.”

Corey Shirley, a senior finance student at FSU, said he was glad he could use the same address from four years ago.

“It is always an accomplishment to vote, and it only took 10 minutes,” Shirley said.