Reflections of elections

Correspondent Krystal Smith polled students at Tuesday’s Election Night watch party to get a grasp of their thoughts on the election, voting and the two candidates President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.

Giselle Mitchell , 20, Junior, Tampa.

 -” Although Obama has not the best candidate, I believe he’s better than Romney. This is a pretty tight race but I pray Obama wins because Romney doesn’t know what he wants.”

 Evan Galloway, 19, Sophomore, Pennsylvania

 – “Even though I didn’t vote in the 2008 presidential election it seemed more hype and exciting than the election taking place tonight. Despite the lack of excitement I still voted.”

Larry Polynice, 22, Senior, Wst Palm Beach.

– “I am a bit nervous for our president but I believe we’ve did everything we could do and now it’s in His hands.”

Charles Garner, 20, Junior, Atlanta.

– “I believe that this election can make or break the United States, it can either set us back or take us forward.”

Chris Williams , 22, Senior

– “I really hope Obama wins because it will show that America is ready to enter the new era. Electing a black president was the first step, the second step is to re-elect and that shows that we are ready to look past race.”

Larry Bowden, 21, Junior, Lake City, Fla

– “Right now I’m nervous, but I believe the American people have made their decision.”

Brianna Weaver,18, Freshman

– “I feel like I’m more involved in the election versus the 2008 election where I wasn’t able to vote. This time around it felt really good to go out and actually vote.”

Jalyen Tareaud, 18, Freshman

– “It was amazing voting for the first time and it was so surreal. I was able to participate in the most important election and my vote mattered.”

Brandi Pringley, 18, Freshmen

– “I’m glad to be able to make a difference being a first time voter.”

Steven Pargett, 23

– “I think this election is big and the two different numbers show two different Americas.”

Candy Churchill, 21, Senior

-(When asked about how she felt about the watch party)  “I think it’s great to have this year’s event during Homecoming Week. More students came out and were able to get involved. It’s nice to know students are engaged as well as getting educated about the electoral college.”