Paddyfote: To be or not to be?



Most students consider Paddyfote the worst residence hall to live in. “It’s too small” seems to be the largest complaint, but filth and general unattractiveness seem to be common as well.

There is no real lobby, just a seating area outside, one of the four buildings has been shut down and, as previously stated, the rooms are the smallest of any on campus. Nobody wants to be a resident of arguably the most neglected, underrated residence hall at Florida A&M.

However, many late appliers have no choice and reluctantly resign themselves to what will surely be a miserable yearlong experience in a hideous residence hall.

But most of these fears are largely unfounded. The Paddyfote resident assistants have spearheaded many programs this year, one of which is a beautification project. This program aims to improve the landscape and aesthetics in and around the Paddyfote courtyard.

In September, residents and RAs helped Resident Director William Johnson place fabric, rocks and red mulch around the pathways to improve the look of the aging buildings. Many of the visual ideas came from the residents, such as the wavy mulch pattern around one of the sidewalks extending away from Building C and the “river” of rocks extending from the gutters on the female buildings.

Many of the same people helped with both the gravel placement around the Paddyfote tree and the painting of the railings and benches around the pavilion, which is Paddyfote’s equivalent to a lobby.

“I’m really proud of everybody,” said Jillian Sanders, a freshman business administration student from Tampa and vice president of Paddyfote Hall Government. “I like the way everyone cares about the dorm and making it look better.”

Paddyfote also has one of the most spirited communities on campus.

“Because of our small size, we tend to see and interact with each other more often than people from the other dorms,” said Devon Lawrence, a second-year biology student from Tampa.

That interaction leads to a sense of camaraderie and morale. Paddyfote’s step team is the reigning champion of the Housing Step Show, which was held in October. Paddyfote also won the “spirit boot,” which is an award given to the most spirited supporters.

“We’re the best,” said Johnessia Sholtz, the president of Paddyfote Hall Government. “Simple as that.”

The P-Fote “Souljas,” a select group of male Paddyfote residents, is a resilient bunch. Their unique location and structure give them a sense of pride and belonging that goes unmatched across FAMU’s campus.