Homecoming ignites the strike in Rattlers


This homecoming, we are all gathering to show our everlasting love for Florida A & M.

  We are celebrating its legacy by remembering a school that started 125 years ago with 15 students and two professors, to what is now one of the most distinguished historically black universities in the world.

During one of FAMU’s most memorable moments, students shed light on what the universities has brought and meant to them over the years.

” With all the negative energy that’s been surrounding the school, this homecoming will be that much more special.” Darnell Jordan, fourth-year physical education student.

” Meeting the alumni, tasting all the vendors, it was like winning the lottery. I felt at home.”  Kiara Nixon, third-year biology pre-med student.

” I love the park activities when BET would come. But that’s not happening this year. I’m not even sure what to expect.” Samantha Sinclair, fourth-year criminal justice student.

“We have alumni who have taken on the world, and I’m ready to be one of them.” Mario Milligan, fourth-year psychology/political science student.