Homecoming fails to impress


Since last November, Florida A&M has been involved with scandals. As the university’s credibility diminishes, its culture will soon follow suit. In addition to the frequent drama with the Office of Student Activities and the Student Government Association, a battle over homecoming has pitted students against the university administration.

 Students expressed their discontent with homecoming at meetings and it fell on deaf ears. Twitter rants about homecoming did not help vocalize student opinions either. Many feel that the schedule is alumni-centered; despite students’ $10.50 per credit hour Activity & Service fees funding the schedule of events.

 “The new freshman will not get the typical Homecoming experience,” said Breyon Sneed, a 23 year-old from Pompano Beach. Sneed sat on last year’s homecoming committee. He feels that this year every meeting was exclusive to certain demographics and cliques.

Students lost their voice in selecting many of the artists and entertainers who are part of the scheduled line-up. The selection of artist often left many students uninterested in attending the meetings.

 The schedule and website was launched only a few weeks before homecoming. BET will not be  part of the barbecue this year. The dorm step show was moved to parent’s weekend. There are three religious events spread throughout the week. No party or social segment is listed either.

  Kyle Washington, a 25 year old from Tallahassee, was also on the executive committee of last year’s homecoming

 “I think it lacks homecoming. For it to be the 125th year, disappointment will be an understatement,” said Washington.

Washington feels that Director of Student Activities, Marvin Green dropped the ball on preparing to execute homecoming in a timely manner.

“He had 13 months and a doubled salary and doubled homecoming budget.”