FAMU: Fashion and modeling university


Florida A&M’s fashion is like no other. For “Homecoming 125” Rattlers are expected to step out and show out. Crowds will join together to make sure that people notice their individuality. One may ask, why does fashion have such a huge platform at FAMU, especially during homecoming?

The answer for most is clear…This is how we do it. FAMU is a university full of students who feel comfortable enough to stand out and express themselves through fashion. These unforgettable fashion moments shed light on the history of FAMU throughout 125 years. Whether students are rocking old school apparel, heels, or outrageous hairstyles, homecoming is the best week of fashion on the Hill.

“Part of what makes the culture of FAMU is the diversity in fashion from different parts of the country,” said Jerome Williams, a fourth year healthcare management student from Ft. Lauderdale. “During regular school hours it’s a fashion show, so for homecoming you must put your best foot forward, fashion at homecoming separates the best dressed from the regulars.”

The week of homecoming allows those confused individuals to capture one of the biggest traditions of homecoming with some of the best and worst fashion moments on the Hill.

One of my favorite reasons I love FAMU is the opportunity I have every morning to express myself through fashion. Whether judged or not, Rattlers understand the importance of standing out and it is promoted everyday I step on campus.

FAMU has proven that you don’t need a lot of money to look like a million bucks. No matter what your budget is, your style can be inexpensively creative and give people moments to remember every school year.

“It becomes an unofficial fashion show around campus because no one wants to get caught on camera somehow not looking up to par,” said Melissa Dunbar, a fourth year pre physical therapy student from Ft Lauderdale.

I’m sure the glory years of the 90s on the Hill served as a testament of how tradition never changes. Fashion is a part of FAMU and whether it is Set Friday, the homecoming football game, or just heading to class, there are many runways on the Hill.