Failure to launch


After numerous conversations with my peers, it is safe to say that there seems to be some discontentment among the student body.

For many of the upperclassmen, this year’s homecoming week of events has been very disappointing. In light of the university’s 125th anniversary, many students were expecting an extravagant, extraordinary, memorable homecoming experience. However, this year’s event lineup seems to be no different than any other homecoming in years past.

Actually, it is a little worse when considering its level of student appeal. Many have stated that this year’s homecoming appeals to an older alumni audience. With events such as the President’s Gala, selling $125 tickets that not many students can realistically afford, students feel left out of what their Activity & Service fees pay for.

 The Backyard Party – Open Air Concert featuring artists Raheem DeVaughn and Doug E. Fresh seems to be an example of the Homecoming Committee, and more specifically, Director of Student Activities Marvin Green taking the cheap way out.

These artists are “irrelevant.” They are not very popular and do not attract the students who are paying for them to come.

Last year, the Homecoming Block Party was a huge hit with students and alumni who were in town – showcasing four disc jockeys simultaneously in different areas of the Set. Why that event was not included this year, students may never know.

Safety has been brought to my attention as a probable issue, but if we pay for everything else, we can pay for security guards and the FAMU police.

The Greek Step Show has been omitted from this year’s schedule, and the dorm step show was taken out of homecoming week entirely. These are all events that the A&S fee-paying students find most exciting.

The 2012 FAMU Homecoming is not something I am eager to experience outside of seeing old friends and alumni. Several students who were once members of the Homecoming Committee stepped down due to decisions being made by members of administration who were utilizing their power to overrule student ideas and desires. This is a disservice to the students and it is unfair.

With the Marching “100” being suspended this year, the university and individuals responsible for the homecoming acts needed to do everything they could to make it as attractive and appealing as possible. It is apparent that they have failed to do so.