Professor’s book salutes Obama


Before a scarce crowd of nearly 100 people, Barbara Thompson, author of The Gospel According to Apostle Barack – In Search of a More Perfect Political Union as Heaven Here on Earth” hosted a book signing this weekend at the Southside Arts Complex.

The signing, which emphasized the achievements and accomplishments of President Barack Obama, stressed the need for his reelection.

The book is what Thompson said is her “journey with the president, apostle Barack.” The book covers Obama’s political stance and a culmination of his speeches.Thompson exhibited the various speeches the President made during his journey leading up to his presidency from Feb. 10, 2007 to Jan. 20, 2008, his inaugural address.The 220-page book gives an in-depth insight into the president’s perspective on achieving a greater government.

“ I know this book will be an inspiring,” said Jeema Richardson, a senior English student from Jacksonville. “ I picked up my copy today and I’m eager to start reading about her revelations.”

Her son Gibran Thompson was the impetus behind the book. After a bad accident, Barbara Thompson prayed for her son to be healed. After her son’s healing, she had a dream when the spirit of God spoke to her and told her to “go on a journey with apostle Barack,” Thompson testified.Apostle, a leader with a new cause is how Thompson defines Obama.“He walks the earth for a more equalized, more middle class and working poor society,” she said. She compared apostle Barack to apostles like Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr.Thompson, a Tallahassee native is a professor at FAMU and a faculty member in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Her hopes for the book are to educate the public as well as her students on the president’s standpoint.

Money giveaways, electronic book stubs and audience participation kept an energetic and informative Thompson elated.

She provided a complete breakdown of the good that has happened during the President’s 4-year term. Healthcare, the economy, education and federal initiatives interests are the “Good news” from the apostle.Excerpts from speeches in the book gave notable credit to what the president has done and what he still needs to do. “We need to reelect him to get things done.”

However, 50 percent will go to Thompson’s personal initiative of helping current students graduate and obtain a degree. The other half will be split between donations and personal expenses. Attendees of the signing learned new things like amendments, acts and reforms that have been passed during the president’s term.

“I’m very eager to read the book,” said Andre Jacobs, a senior physical education student from Peekskill, NY.

Jacobs is in Thompson’s Dynamic Physical Education class where she asked for student’s support at the book signing. Thompson was unable to give extra credit, but students like Jacobs came out to learn.“I learned a lot,” Jacobs said. “Everyone’s working toward a common goal to meet an interest. It’s not an individual pursuit for democrats, republicans and rich and poor, we’re working together.”