Homecoming, now and then


As Florida A&M embarks on its 125th anniversary homecoming festivities, I can’t help but wonder how things will actually be. Even though homecoming and the presidential election are happening in the same week, I must admit that my expectations aren’t as high as they probably should be.

I am constantly comparing the feeling that I had during the 2008 presidential election to this year’s election. Then, I felt like I was taking yet another step toward adulthood because I was able to vote in my first election. This year I feel slightly less enthused about voting.

Don’t get me wrong; I do feel it is important for everyone to vote. However, I’m just tired of everything that came with this election.

So far I’ve noticed a decline in the morale of students on campus. This is obviously due to the cocktail of negative events that have occurred in the past year. As soon as I tell people I attend FAMU, I instantly dread the conversation that follows.

This definitely translates in the way that we celebrate our university. While there is way more to celebrate about FAMU than what many media outlets portray, the main elements that are at the forefront are missing.

This is what has me questioning how much I will actually enjoy my last homecoming as an undergraduate student.

 I’ve seen way more presence but way less visible excitement in students this year. In visible excitement I mean support through posters, buttons, t-shirts and the overall promotion and turnout of campus and election related events. It seems that the social scene, which was once as much of an element of campus life as any other entity, has gone into a metaphorical shell.

Many say that homecoming is not meant for students, but for the alumni. I challenge my fellow Rattlers to shake this notion and make this a great upcoming week despite the obvious “even thoughs.”