Former senator honored after nearly three decades of service

The Road Designation Ceremony was held by Florida Rep. Alan Williams on Tuesday in Midway.

Williams was grateful for this opportunity.
“Not only was he a mentor of mine but also a colleague,” Williams said. “I served with him for several years at both the city and state government levels.” 
Williams was alongside Lawson and other city officials for a voting rights march to the Florida State Capitol on Monday. 
“While serving with him, we fought for increased benefits for state employees and access to higher education,” Williams said. 
According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, city projects, such as transportation improvements, were recently approved through the long-awaited MAP-21 bill. Officially known as ÒMoving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century,Ó the legislation reauthorizes the federal-aid highway program at current funding levels plus inflation for two fiscal years. 
MAP-21 was discussed at a gathering of Florida Chamber of Commerce members and transportation groups, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Fla.
There was an amendment put on the transportation bill [for the road designation] that was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support in the Florida House and Senate,Ó Williams said. 
Lawson has served the citizens of Leon and Gadsden counties for 18 years in the Florida House of Representatives and 10 years in the Florida Senate. He expressed his humility for the tribute. 
“What an amazing dedication,” Lawson said. “Growing up in Gadsden County, I remember walking to school with my friends and playing sports here. I never could have imagined back then that one day I’d be driving along a road with my name on it.”
Lawson said this tribute was wonderful.
“I’m so grateful for this hometown dedication,” he said. “My roots in North Florida have always been very important to me, and it’s a big reason why I came back here to go to school, raise my family and give back to the community that has meant so much to me all my life.”
Williams said he believes the ceremony was to recognize Lawson for three decades of service to community and legislature.
 “It’s important for us to recognize individuals who made great accomplishments on behalf of humanity,” Williams said.