Local author hosts book signing


Dr. Barbara Thompson, a local author, is hosting a book-signing event this Thursday. AuthorHouse has published her book, The Gospel According to Apostle Barack – In Search of a More Perfect Political Union as Heaven Here on Earth, just a few weeks ago. The book covers Obama’s political stance.


The event will take place at the South Side Arts Complex. Marcus Rhodes, a professor at Florida A&M, runs the complex.


“She wanted somewhere centrally located,” Marcus said.


Light refreshments will be served along with book stubs. Participants will have the opportunity to win an autographed copy of the book.


The 220-page book gives an in-depth insight into the president’s perspective on achieving a greater government. The potential for the book to impact votes is high with the election right around the corner.


“It is a compilation of excerpts from 150 speeches given by the president,” Thompson said.


Thompson is also a professor at FAMU and a faculty member in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. She hopes to educate the public as well as her students on the president’s standpoint through visual aids.


“I have found that the majority of my students are visual learners,” Thompson said.


Jessica Norfield, a second year political science student from Montgomery, Ala., is excited to attend the event.


“I am anxious to hear what Dr. Thompson has to say about a heaven on earth through politics,” Norfield said.


Thompson was raised alongside her six siblings and attended public school in Tallahassee. She wrote the book after a dramatic personal experience that will be explained in detail at the event.

Proceeds of book sales will be distributed according to Thompson’s new plan. The original plan for the money included giving 50 percent to the Obama administration’s campaign, but that may no longer be possible due to the publication date being later than Thompson anticipated.


However, 50 percent will go to Thompson’s personal initiative of helping current students graduate and obtain a degree. The other half will be split between donations and personal expenses.