“Cha-Ching’s” low budget costumes


As a college student, Halloween is my favorite holiday. The idea of becoming another character with no restrictions or care for anyone’s opinion is the best part. I can be as crazy, sexy or cool as I want to be.

Remembering that I am in college, being crazy, sexy or cool can come with a price tag. Halloween costumes range from $20 to $100, and with my budget, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

This year, I decided to do it the “Broke & Famous” way and take what I already had to create my costumes:

Jungle fever-With camouflage being a constant trend throughout the seasons, my jungle fever concept is one that anyone can pull off. If you own any camo and animal print, try matching them with a pair of combat boots and a bandana. Collect a couple of pieces of fall foliage and adhere them to the ensemble. Take red lipstick and paint dots on your face to resemble chicken pox, add a thermometer in your mouth and then you’ve got jungle fever.


Iron chef-Fun and quirky, the iron chef costume is one of my favorites. I decided to wear a black velour one-piece jumpsuit that I bought at a thrift store last year. Make a custom chef’s hat out of construction paper. I would hope you own an iron. If not, I’m sure you can borrow a friend’s. Place a common kitchen utensil in one hand and the iron in the other. Complete your costume with the homemade hat and then you are an “iron chef.”


Thunderstorm/Black hole-Galaxy tights have popped up on celebrities and socialites everywhere. If you also decided to take on the trend, this costume is for you. Instead of buying galaxy tights, I purchased thunderstorm tights. Very similar to the galaxy tights, they look like a photograph of the beautiful sight. All you need to purchase is a white (storm) or black (galaxy) bandeau and a bag of cotton balls. Adhere the cotton balls all over the top to mimic a cloud.


I had to try the “Costume Not Found.” Honestly, all you need for this costume is a white T-shirt and a Sharpie marker. This costume pokes fun at those aggravating pop-ups you receive while surfing the Internet. The costume is also sure to have all of your friends laughing at how simple and cool your costume is compared to theirs. Doll up your costume with exaggerated makeup and cute bottoms. I decided to wear a sequin baseball cap and hot shorts.