Greek step show cancelled


Rick Ross and Uncle Luke may be performing at Florida A&M, but there is one act that will be missing from this year’s homecoming.

The Greek Homecoming Step Show, initially slated to take place Nov. 7, is cancelled.

The Greek Homecoming Step Show has become a staple in the lineup of events for FAMU’s homecoming  in previous years. Those connected with Greek organizations said the administration’s decision to prohibit membership intake for all student organizations in January has had an immense effect on this event.

“We didn’t have the adequate number of Greeks that would be able to participate,” said Marlon Honeywell, adviser of the National Panhellenic Council. 

“Last year when we went under the moratorium, several organizations were not allowed to bring in new members. Because of that, we just did not have the numbers to have the usual show that we would put on.” 

The ban was in effect for the entire spring 2012 semester. Greek organizations were allowed to accept new members again on Sept. 17. Kelle’ Wyatt, a senior public relations student from Elliott City, Md., and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, said with such a lack of participants, the show could have been held in a smaller venue.

 “It kind of made it difficult because of the ‘no intake’ for the whole year because people have graduated,” Wyatt said. “There were only two or three organizations and, out of those, they only had five members in their whole chapter. For all of that, we can do it in Gaither.”

Sponsors require that all organizations participate. Officials are concerned with the fairness of the competition because only a few of the groups have enough people to perform.


“Most of them are dedicated to doing it or trying to participate,” Honeywell said. “But it would just not be fair to have some organizations who were able to have intake prior to the moratorium who have full numbers versus those who were not allowed to have intake because of the timing. If we’re going to have a competition, I’d like for it to at least be fair.”  

   To make up for the show, the Greeks will hold a Greek exhibition of organizations that do have the numbers to participate in homecoming. Members will showcase their routines but also have an informational portion. Marvin Greene, director of the Office of Student Activities, said he believes the student body will fully support the Greek organizations at the alternative event.

“Our Greek community is a very popular group,” Greene said. “There are a lot of people who want to socialize with them. I think that almost all of our chapters are some of the best in the country – some of the best chapters within their organizations  in the country – and so I think when you get all those folks in the same room at the same time, you’re going to be in for a special treat.”Despite the absence of an official show from the Greeks, Honeywell predicts its return next year.”We fully expect to come back next year,” Honeywell said. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to have the intake like we’ve been anticipating.”