Freshmen pay not play, is that fair?



I was waiting to write this piece to see if the student leadership would speak out on behalf of its constituents who are crying out for their action and service. Nevertheless, I digress. I have waited quite long enough.

They trampled over the freshman class. Freshmen lost experiences and money paid for Activity and Service fees that they cannot participate in and do not receive.

Many organizations are disgruntled, frustrated and pissed at the university and the Office of Student Activities for instituting such discriminatory, erroneous and suppressive policies.

Simply put, they pay but cannot play.

From a servant leader’s perspective, and please do not misconstrue me as a student leader because they are not one in the same, I am appalled at the position that Student Activities takes on this issue and many others. As an entity that should focus on the student body and its progression, it institutes suppressive policies. Even more shocking is the lack of action from their student body representative.

Simply put, you pay them but cannot play with them. Stay with me because I am about to enlighten you.

We are students who pay to come to the university from both near and far. We partake in the academic and collegiate student life activities at Florida A&M. The university recruits you with organizations that come and speak to you – Presidential Ambassadors, SGA and Essential Theatre. They tell you that this can be you at FAMU. Then you showed up and found out that “they put on quite a show and really had [you] going,” as Rihanna said in her song “Take a Bow.”

So how about a round of applause because they got you.

How? I am glad you asked. They got you when you paid but could not play by dancing in Mahogany, Strikers or Elite and it seemed like you were on “House Arrest 2” when you paid but could not walk to try out for Images.

You paid but cannot play.

So students, if you feel like your voice is not heard, this senator will speak out for you. If you feel like it is taxation without representation, “holla back,” Senator Mac has your back.

Thursday, meet me in the SGA Senate Chambers and have your voices heard.