You say it’s just a phase



John always struggled with decision-making. Choosing which pair of socks to wear in the morning had him bent out of shape. His indecisiveness was a joke to his close friends in college, but he was also battling the biggest decision he ever had to make – his sexual orientation.

Having a plural sexuality is not uncommon in the 21st century. As a writer, this story is not meant to promote nor discriminate against homosexuality. It is intended to provide the reader with an in-depth personal analysis of an extremely sensitive social topic.

Florida A&M students, male and female, have wondered what constitutes homosexuality as a phase. Despite whether you inquire, becoming informed on the topic is not as difficult as it may seem.

Most of us have watched someone we know struggle with his or her sexual orientation. They are not indecisive people but everyday people fighting to find their identity.

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses in life. Not to say a person’s sexual preference should be deemed a weakness or strength, but the different aspects of that person are what make them human.

Social psychologists believe the concepts we develop early in life cansubconsciously influence an adult’s higher-order goal pursuits, judgments and actions. Nothing happens overnight. People’s character is shaped well before they realize their character flaws. Humans are incomplete until they find meaning in life.

If struggle is a component of life, then humans should treat it as a transitional phase to become stronger. There are many things that young adults struggle with in college, such as drugs, social life, self-esteem and study habits. Homosexuality is no exception.

People have their own reality and decisions that govern their lives. Can homosexuality be a phase in college? Yes. The time students spend in college is a period in their life when they increase their knowledge base and expand their mental, physical and spiritual horizons. College is the time for young adults to decide what they want in life. Only we can choose what will define our lives. So make your decision.