Wizard of fashion makes name for himself


Emmanuel “Manny” Sanchez-Monsalve is consumed by fashion. Call him Tuesday at midnight and he is working on his style board for Urban Outfitters stylist internship.

“I just want everything to be perfect. I’m so nervous. Working with Urban would be amazing,” said the 22-year-old, who was raised in Miami.

He was a ball of nerves, talking relentlessly about the perfect outfits for the style board submissions for Urban Outfitters stylist internship in Philadelphia.

 Sanchez -Monsalve is known for his bold style. His newest hairstyle, a bleached streak channeling Cruella D’Ville, complements his undercuts.

“I didn’t really start exploring fashion until my freshman year at State. I was so basic. I thought I was doing it, but I wasn’t,” he said with a giggle. “I started shopping at Urban and Anthropologie. My style blossomed, and I started really pushing the envelope on what I could wear.”

He credits lookbook.nu, fashion blogs and Urban Outfitters for his interest in the fashion world.

Eager to delve into styling and photography, he began exploring different fashion organizations that would allow him to orchestrate fashion on a greater platform, but none sustained his interest.

“During my Swatch and Clutch experience is when I knew I needed something more,” he said. “I wasn’t being utilized. There was no diversity.”

After being overlooked for the position of editor- in- chief for Swatch, Sanchez-Monsalve teamed  up Maria Fernandez and Rebecca Winship to start a fashion organization that was more diverse in culture, people and style.

This spring, Sanchez, Fernandez and Winship launched Diverse World Fashion. The main purpose is to reach out to various ethnic groups, majors, lifestyles and people in order to collectively celebrate fashion.

“There is no one set race, no one set major, anyone and everyone can join as long as you’re passionate about fashion and making an impact on people’s lives,” Sanchez -Monsalve said.

The biggest push for the organization this year is to create a magazine and huge awareness through the community and eventually throughout Florida.

“Last spring was trial and error, now Manny and Faizah are set in the right direction and DWF will do big things. I am so proud to have helped create an organization that allows people to enjoy fashion,” said Fernandez, a 22-year-old, alumna of Florida State, was DWF’s managing editor for the spring semester.

He wants DWF to be known from the Panhandle to Miami.

“What I want most is for people to know who we are, not just in Tallahassee. I also want members to grow as individuals, be bolder with their personal style and be exposed and inspired just as I am,” Sanchez -Monsalve said.

Students from TCC and FAMU can join; he wants the community to become involved to elevate DWF to its highest potential.

“FAMU has a fashion culture of their own, their bold and I admire that. Their students’ styles range across the board and I really want to bring that diversity to State,” Sanchez -Monsalve said.

For any inquiries, interests or information contact Diverse World Fashion at DWF.editorinchief@gmail.com