Frenchtown celebrates Caribbean culture


The Frenchtown Community Development Corporation will celebrate and honor Caribbean ethnicities and cultures with its monthly event, Last Friday’s: The Culture Club – A Celebration of Ethnicity.

The event, held in conjunction with the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency, is Friday from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the Tish Byrd Community Gardens located at 421 West Georgia Street.

Free gourmet island Caribbean cuisine and authentic music amidst an island-themed garden has students excited about the event.

         “I’ve been craving Caribbean food for the past few weeks. So this sounds great,” said Jamaican sophomore, Masani Bailey.

        Traditional and native music, dance and games from various Caribbean islands will display the cultural diversity within and surrounding the Tallahassee community.

        “This is something that the community needs,” said Frenchtown CDC operations manager Tuesday Knight.

        The Frenchtown CDC is dedicated to educating the community about issues that affect them the most such as good health, cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

In addition to health related issues, the organization is a strong supporter for the arts. They frequently host events that give children the opportunity to creatively express themselves through participating in activities such as arts and crafts, writing seminars, and music workshops.

        “It’s rare to have events that recognize our culture,” said Silendie Charles, a Haitian-American freshman Health Administration student from Miami. “I can appreciate the efforts the CDC is making to give us a little shine.”

        This will be the tenth Last Fridays event this year, each focusing on a different theme specific to arts, music or culture.  

        Last Fridays isn’t the only event hosted by the Frenchtown CDC. Next month, the CDC will host a series of events including an open mic night, movie night and several craft and art classes for aspiring artists.        

        The Frenchtown CDC is a non-profit business that supports the arts, local music, and downtown businesses by promoting events and efforts within the Greater Frenchtown community.

            For more information contact operations manager, Tuesday Knight at (850) 485-5243, or by email at