Allow me to explain: event coordinator’s rebuttal


“Guy Code: Sex from the Male Perspective” is the first event I coordinated on Florida A&M’s campus.

I came up with the idea during the summer, and I wanted to see it implemented. I worked hard to ensure the substance of the seminar would be recognized and valued.

My intentions were to bring awareness on the changing culture of dating and how casual sex is more widely accepted than a monogamous relationship. Through the questions I formulated for my hostess, Dia Blackmon, to address the panelists, my hope was to inform young women of the impact of their decisions regarding men.

My aspiration is for young women to break the continual cycle of giving their bodies to men without commitment and to recognize the mental and emotional damage it causes.

The questions ranged from “What is a hoe?” to “Can a guy take a girl seriously after she’s had sex with him before building a foundation?” They were meant to be answered by an all-male panel because the only way women will know what men really think is if they hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Yes, some of the answers were bold and distasteful, even mind-boggling. However, this was a panel of intelligent black men who I trusted to enlighten young women. But due to my inexperience with conducting seminars, I failed to inform them of what I was hoping to achieve. Therefore, I recognize that for some, the purpose of my seminar may have been lost.

I appreciate the praises and criticisms I received, but I appreciate the criticism more. This is an opportunity to learn and grow from my shortfalls, those known and unknown.