Representatives encourage voter research


Florida’s congressional candidate Alfred Lawson visited Florida A&M to encourage students to get involved in the political process Friday afternoon.   

Lawson is running for Congress in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District. Along with congressmen Gregory Meeks and Hank Johnson, Lawson wanted to stress that all decisions in the election will have a massive impact on Americans’ futures but, more importantly, college students’ futures.

Meeks challenged students to analyze their decisions.

“When you think about the future,” he said, “think about your future.”

Lawson, Johnson and Meeks noted that it is important for students to do their best research for this election and every election thereafter.

 “Students should not solely rely on the media for information,” Johnson said. “They should allow their minds to soar by exploring all kinds of information, and do the basic research of the candidates.”

Lawson said he wanted keep student loan interest rates down if elected.  He also plans to increase the amount of time spent working with programs designed to help students academically.

“We want to motivate our students to get their degrees,” Lawson said. 

Lawson, Johnson and Meeks agreed that renewable energy is the future of sustaining the worlds demand.  

“One of the most growing industries is renewable fuel,” Johnson said.  “America’s ability to create is alive and well. If we don’t create the means ourselves, other countries will.”

Lawson discussed his plan of action for the remainder of his campaign.

“I’m going to solely do a grassroots campaign for these last couple of weeks,” he said. “My team and I will be caravanning, working the polls and helping voters get out to the polls.”

Early voting begins Oct. 27 and ends Nov. 3. For more information about early voting and Election Day, visit