Orange you glad?

It is 82 degrees on a Saturday in Tallahassee, and the Florida A&M Rattlers are gearing up for another football game.

The Rattler spirit is so thick in the air that you can smell it as soon as you step outside. As a proud Rattler, it is only right to wear orange and green – isn’t it?

As I celebrated the festivities  with fellow Rattlers at the Savannah State game, I noticed the school colors were practically nonexistent.

 When it is game day and your team is playing, why not show your support? You would think wearing orange and green on game day was social suicide. One of the highlights of game day is figuring out how I can make my orange and green fashionable.

 I try to give myself themes for each game. For the first game, I did the “ready for war orange and green.” The next game, I did the “orange and green diva.” Stay tuned for my homecoming look, which will be epic.

Students can show their support with orange and green in so many ways, and any orange and green will work. We can wear anything Monday through Friday, so on the day our football team plays, why not go hard?

  In fact, if you are sitting  in the student section, you should be required to wear orange and green. OK, that’s a bit much. But what if photographers only took pictures of people wearing school colors? Then again, there should not be any incentives to show your school spirit.

  I dare you to get innovative with your orange and green looks for the next home games. You will feel a sense of “spirit empowerment.” Non-Rattlers are the only people in the stands who should not wear orange and green for the next game.