Artist content controlled by the listener


One may support the notion that rappers of our generation are hypocrites because they are searching for a wife, yet the music they make implies they are searching for a promiscuous woman.

If you support that notion, you are not alone, but that does not mean you are correct. The typical artists you hear on the radio make music that the masses support. If the masses didn’t support “female dogs” and references to loose women on the radio, then the artists would shift their content to society’s perspective. Artists mirror their environment.

We are living in an age when many women would rather be referred to as a “b—ch” over a queen. Some prefer swag over chivalry and have the audacity to question why they cannot find a good man.

Your external is a reflection of your internal. If men constantly scroll through their contact list for the next “chick to smash,” then they may not be worthy to crown a queen. If women are wondering why a man from the club will not return their calls after sex, they may want to ask themselves what kind of energy they are putting out.

In an age when sex, money and drugs dominate the airwaves, how does one find solid black and white areas?

How can you escape the long arms of the media to where you are not constantly gripped by its programming?

“It’s about a balance,” said 4-IZE, an Atlanta rapper. “Everything isn’t always black and white. There are some gray areas in life. Just because I smoke a cigarette, that doesn’t mean I’m a smoker. I don’t go to the store and buy packs of cigarettes. I balance my temptations.”

That does not mean all responsibility for society’s fallacies should be put on the media, but we should draw a correlation between our cultural climate and what we see on television and hear in music.

Many men prefer to get rich or die trying to pursue money and fame, but for whom? It is not to impress the homies. It is to get the attention from women.

It is well known that status and money are automatic green lights to have just about any woman you choose. The key is to choose the right woman for the right time in your life.

“A lot of people just mess up because they marry the wrong person,” said Big Lo, a Pensacola rapper. “Getting married sped up my career because I found focus. It gave me something to fight for.”

It does not make someone a hypocrite because he or she is looking for sexual gratification, but desires a wife. It may be a difficult concept to understand, but it is essential to master the art of timing. If you push for an idea prematurely, you may disrupt the possibility of growth. If you push for an idea too late, there may not be any growth available when the time comes.