Advisers pinpoint university’s advantages to TCC students


Florida A&M advisers informed students from Tallahassee Community College about the advantages FAMU has to offer Wednesday.

 Brenda C. Spencer, director of retention for FAMU, expressed how informative the event could be. Spencer wanted students to become knowledgeable and advisers from both schools to build a connection.

“We are thrilled to be here to inform students and TCC advisers about our programs,” Spencer said.

Most students from TCC want to attend a university after receiving their associate degree but lack information about the prerequisites to be accepted into programs.

Lawrence Brown, a first-year experience coordinator, hopes the advisers’ efforts played a role in students not making that mistake. Brown wasn’t very concerned about the enrollment rate increasing because he believes it will come with the right information being received.

“The success of this event isn’t measured by the enrollment but the information students receive,” Brown said.

Guillermo Calderon, a TCC student, said he was using this event to get information to prepare himself for a future in nursing at FAMU.

The College of Agriculture and Food Sciences was thrilled about this event. The department was active and motivated to show students the advantages of choosing their program.  Robert Taylor, the dean and director of the program, was enthusiastic about building it up.

“We have a very strong program,” Taylor said, “but we need more students.”

Sharon Jefferson, vice president for Student Affairs at TCC, was pleased with the turnout of students and the two schools’ collaboration.

“I’m appreciative of this event and both schools working together,” Jefferson said.

This is an annual event that both schools hope garners more attention so they can expand to more community colleges. The next FAMU advising day will be held in the spring on Feb. 20.