Right for the night


In a world where a person can experiment with as many partners sexually as one can suffice, is marriage even relevant in today’s society?

I know that in the past, a man would court the young virgin woman of his liking and arouse her with flowers, chocolates and the sweet sounds of love songs until they eventually got married, had children and lived happily ever after in the suburbs.

Fast forward to today where the typical person rarely dates and instead, enjoys a life of quick lust and/or the typical “friends with benefits” relationship. Are we dating for marriage or are we dating just to date?

I’m no stranger when it comes to enjoying a nice friends with benefits relationship. I’ve been involved with women who I knew very well weren’t good enough to bring to mama’s house, much less get married to. I was simply enjoying the ride until the thrill was gone.

My best friend, on the other hand, portrayed me as a common male whore who deceived women into having sex with him on the premise that I would one day marry them.

Granted, before I become romantically involved with any person, I feel it’s my duty to let them know that I have no plans whatsoever to be in a relationship with them. We’re just here to enjoy each other’s company. I will admit, romantically, it hasn’t always ended well for me. Many women want more than what I’m offering and ultimately move on to someone who can offer them more.

I know I’m probably alone in this fight, I just don’t have time to worry about a relationship. I’m merely dating to date. I’m enjoying the ride until then.