Pandemonium excites Rattler nation


For the first time in recent history, FAMU held a pep rally in honor of the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Although the season doesn’t tip off until November, both basketball teams were in action Friday night following the volleyball team’s sweep of the Bethune-Cookman Lady Wildcats. There was “pandemonium” on the court afterward, but it was all about the Rattlers.

The event kicked off with the men’s and women’s basketball teams running out of a smoke-filled tunnel. They participated in a 3-point shootout, a dizzy ball spin and a game of “knockout.”

Pandemonium was filled with dancing, laughter and giveaways. Nick Breeden, a freshman from Malone, Fla., said he enjoyed the event.

“It served as a time to get familiar with both teams,” Breeden said. “Now, I actually know something about them.”

Pandemonium gave both teams exposure. Jamie Foreman, a women’s basketball player, said she also enjoyed the event.

“We feel wanted,” Foreman said. “It’s good they did this event. We’ve never had anything like it.”

Men’s head basketball coach Clemon Johnson was all smiles at the event, but he had a serious tone in his voice. Winning is a top priority for Johnson and his squad.

“The only thing that will really get the fans excited is winning,” Johnson said.

Pandemonium accomplished everything it set out to do. The event introduced the teams to the crowd and ignited the fan base. The Rattlers are now officially prepared for basketball season.