Local designers expand brand with global creations


Two men, an iPhone and a Toshiba computer have led to the success of LVXL.

LVXL is an emerging clothing line that originated in Miami and epitomizes the concept of living large. It’s the innovative creation of Curtis Nyarko, a third-year Florida State University biology student from Miramar, Fla., and business partner LaBrandon Hipps, a native of Birmingham, Ala., who graduated from the University of Alabama with a marketing degree.

“It is not only a brand, but a lifestyle.” Nyarko said, “It is a line that is symbolic of what people strive, do and achieve in life.” 

Nyarko and Hipps have embarked on a fashion-conscious journey to produce a clothing line that not only identifies with their personal lifestyles but also embodies Miami nightlife.

“Our slogan is, ‘Fashion is universal, LVXL is forever,'” Nyarko said, “and our logo is a sparrow, which signifies hard work, dedication and determination.” 

The creation of LVXL evolved from the partners’ idea to create a T-shirt that identified with their music production house, Earl Wknd, which writes and produces songs for prominent record labels. 

Their first design was a white T-shirt that read “LVXL” in brown letters. It gained popularity among New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, Grammy award-winning musician Pharrell and songwriter Rico Love. 

“We wanted to create clothes that everyone could identify with,” Hipps said. “Ones that speak for themselves. We wanted to design clothes that are practical and captivating to the eye.”

The duo was inspired to create a line that would illustrate the connotations of living comfortably and also identify with the individual perceptions of living large. 

However, the concept of LVXL isn’t limited to social class and financial stability. 

“The line is founded upon on the idea of capturing moments with friends and family and having the experience of understanding the beauty of life and all it has to offer,” Hipps said. “I wanted to capture the idea of making the best out of every situation and apply it to LVXL.” 

Nyarko and Hipps also agree their designs compliment their personal styles. 

“When we design, we think of clothes that we would wear ourselves,” Nyarko said. “We also consider the opinions of our peers when we are in the production process.” 

The line targets consumers between ages 16 and 30 and represents each region of the United States. 

“Currently, we are working on an additional concept that will express each respective culture,” Nyarko said. “Thus far, this includes the cultures of Africa, Italy, London, Paris, Australia, America and Japan.” 

Since their clothing line launch last month, Nyarko and Hipps have established an international clientele, as they’ve sold merchandise in the U.S. and internationally. 

LVXL’s website averages 200-300 visits per day and its Instagram followers ballooned to 3,500 in two weeks. The company is looking to expand their brand beyond clothing and accessories.

Visit LVXL’s website at LVXLforever.com, its Instagram at “LVXL_” and its Facebook page at “LVXL Clothing Co.”