Where was the security?


As a member of the United States Army, the most important things we learned are, “Complacency Kills” and to “Pay Attention to Details”.

I believe that these principles should be emphasized to the FAMU Department of Public Safety.

Has anybody except me noticed the influx of contracted security services on campus? I am referencing the Palmetto Security cars and guards located throughout the campus now. This would imply that with extra security personnel, the environment on campus would become that much safer.

However, it seems FAMU PD has been asleep at the wheel now that we have more hands on deck.

Surprisingly I didn’t see any other news station or paper cover how a man of “suspicious nature” strolled through Al Lawson.

To make matters worse he interrupted former president Frederick Humphries, Ph.D while simultaneously leaving an unidentified bag on stage. Then to my shock, he casually walks out greeting several people on the way.

The problem I have is that there was a uniformed officer less than 50ft away, but he did not respond to the incident. Thomas Cavanaugh approximately 5 minutes later comes down and personally discarded the bag. 

It is problematic that an officer is so close to what should be regarded as a breach of somebody’s security plan. If this were the White House or even the Florida Capitol the event would have been taken much more seriously than our police department took the issue.

This makes you question the legitimacy of expending funds for extra security services when we have breakdowns in security at major events.

Anyone recently just sat on the Set? It seems like there has been a spike in local traffic. Before the security upgrade you were guaranteed to find a cop on the Set if nowhere else.

Now, tumbleweeds and every other vehicle on FAMU’s campus drive across the Set more than FAMU PD.

According to the statistical research within the 2012-13 Campus Security Report, despite the decrease in most crimes during 2011-2012, most areas of crime on campus have increased. This is with the exception of burglaries, which still decreased from last year.