When men cry



If you are a music lover, you should be familiar with Prince’s song “When Doves Cry.” But you have never seen a dove cry or been lucky enough to see a man cry.

According to TheAge.com, a woman cries approximately four times more a year. But it is perfectly acceptable for a man to cry.

I took a small survey to find out what ladies thought about the topic. The consensus response was that a man is allowed to cry but he has to choose when.

Women feel honored when a man cries in front of her. It shows that a man is willing to be vulnerable. But from day one they are told to “man up” “crying is for sissies” and to hide their emotions. Rules are made to be broken and times have changed. President Obama said it.

During a very serious time in my life, I was driving and I broke down emotionally. I just could not hold it in any longer. I wiped away my tears. I then called a female friend and said I needed her with me.

I tried to get back to my normal life and put that past me. But my emotions got the best of me and I let out my emotions again. Having that person with me helped me get through that tough time.

That is a moment I will always remember.

From the small survey, women also say a man has to cry with a purpose. A purpose does not include fantasy football team and video game losses.

This is where the man up concept comes into effect. Aside from that, a man can set his emotions free and a woman would probably respect him more after that.

As a wise man once said, “crying lubricates the soul.”