Minorities’ SAT scores rise


Florida’s educational system has dealt with much scrutiny from the government’s proposed cut for teachers to the criticism of the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) and the high percentage of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students. 

In Dade County, minorities make up for 65 percent of the student population whose primary language is either Spanish or French Creole. Florida currently ranks 12th among other states in education.

Despite potential language barriers, studies by the College Board show that Florida’s minority graduating seniors topped the nations SAT scores. Not only did scores improve, but they improved in each subsection, which includes critical reading, mathematics and writing. 

Florida’s Hispanics outperformed all other minorities nationwide as aid to Florida’s college students has increased. Some community colleges are offering education funding for exceptional students through programs like the American Dream and the Bright Futures scholarship, which is funded by the Florida Lottery.

Florida’s high school graduates are raising the bar and with a plurality of them choosing to attend a state university, the potential to improve the state’s economy in upcoming years is high.

“Personally, I graduated from a Florida high school where I received the very best education,” said Gabrielle Goodleigh, a computer systems information student. “That curriculum was solely based on college prep.”

Florida college’s enrollment has increased in recent years, but Florida A&M didn’t relate to the success. Enrollment decreased for the fall semester from last year’s 13,207 to 12,035.

 Some students think an underlying factor may have effected enrollment.

“As soon as the negative press settles down, the public will look more empathetically towards FAMU, which will eventually result in an increase in enrollment,” said Kiana Whitaker, a pharmacy student.

“I came to FAMU to receive an education,” said Samone Jay, a sophomore at FAMU. “I feel like I am winning here.”